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Through this challenging time a lot of us will be taking to working from home. With locations across England, Scotland and Wales working remotely is something we are quite familiar with at Blackfish so here are some of our top tips for staying sane when working remotely.

1. Set up a working environment We wouldn’t recommend grabbing your laptop and sitting on the sofa for a productive day’s work. If possible, get a table (or even better a room) set up as your “office”. A quiet space free from distractions and dedicated to the work you need to do, just your laptop, notebook, pens etc.

2. Establish a working pattern We humans are routine driven beings, once you have established a routine it becomes vastly easier to do the same day after day. Treat working from home as a work day. That’s right, no lying around on a sofa in your PJs! Get up, have a good breakfast and get ready for a day’s work. A top tip is to write a list or plan of action at the start of each working day, with some things you want to get done, to keep you focused. Its good to try and include some calls to other members of your team to keep that social interaction. Try and keep to the same set hours every day, so there is a clear pattern and a work-life balance remains. 3. Keep well fuelled, hydrated and exercised In the office we will all have our little routines and it is often amazing to see how quickly these disappear when working from home. Make sure you have a drink on your desk and take breaks to top up your energy stores and have a little walk to get the blood flowing. In line with the point above, try and make these breaks at regular times to build a routine. If, like most of the Blackfish team, your commute to work is usually an active one, don’t neglect that. Replace that commuting time with a run, cycle or walk to ensure you are still receiving all the benefit s of exercise.

4. Interact with your team At Blackfish we have set up video conferencing facilities and the ability to share whiteboards, which really helps keep virtual meetings more engaging. Even if this technology isn’t available to you, it is good to try and speak with other members of your team on a daily basis. These are the other people out there who will be in the same situation and tackling the same problems as you, so it is good to talk to someone that understands. Here at Blackfish we are comfortable with working remotely and our engineering design services will continue as normal throughout this period. We will be looking after our team by following the advice given above.


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