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Revolutionising Offshore Marine Operations with C-Dart

Rapid, Reliable, Low-Risk Mooring Solution

Setting New Standards for Safety and Efficiency in Marine Operations

At Blackfish Engineering, we are proud to introduce the C-Dart System, an innovative leap forward in offshore mooring technology. Designed initially for renewable energy applications, the C-Dart System offers a groundbreaking approach to safely, efficiently, and quickly connect a variety of floating infrastructure and assets like wave energy converters (WECs), tidal energy converters (TECs), floating solar, offshore wind, aquaculture, and other floating marine structures.

Safety First, Efficiency Always

Our world-class engineering team has developed the C-Dart System to eliminate the direct handling of heavy mooring lines by operational personnel. This not only drastically reduces the risk of injuries, but also ensures that connections can be made safely in varying sea conditions. By utilizing the principles of gravity, buoyancy, and rope tension, the C-Dart System facilitates a contact-free, automated connection process that secures equipment swiftly and securely.

Streamlined Operations in Challenging Environments

The C-Dart's rapid connect and disconnect capability significantly cuts down the time typically required for offshore operations. This efficiency boost is vital in reducing the overall operational costs and downtime, particularly crucial in the high-stakes environment of renewable energy projects. Whether it's deploying a tidal turbine, service barge, aquaculture pen or securing offshore wind infrastructure, the C-Dart System is engineered to perform reliably under the toughest conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Technical Specifications - Scalable for mooring loads from 1 tonne - 1000 tonne

  • Operational Efficiency - No divers, no ROVs, no direct rope or shackle handling

  • Low Risk - Totally passive connection, no stored energy, no powered systems

The C-Dart System from Blackfish Engineering is a Bureau Veritas Certified: 'Approval In Principal' BV-NR493 leading-edge solution in offshore mooring, optimizing both safety and operational efficiency. This advanced system features a reliable mechanical latch connection that simplifies the mooring process, eliminating manual handling and enabling marine operation in a wider range of sea conditions. The passive connection and self-alignment features ensure the C-Dart can be operated under diverse marine conditions, enhancing reliability and reducing vessel operating cost.

Constructed from high-tensile, corrosion-resistant materials, the C-Dart System withstands harsh oceanic environments, extending its service life while minimising maintenance requirements. Its modular design seamlessly integrates with various floating infrastructures, such as wave energy converters and offshore wind support structures, making it a versatile choice for offshore marine operations. The system's ability to rapidly deploy and retrieve moorings significantly cuts operational time and costs, further establishing the C-Dart System as a transformative technology in offshore projects.

By driving efficiencies and ensuring robust performance in demanding conditions, the C-Dart System sets new industry standards for environmental sustainability and operational performance. For more details on how the C-Dart System can streamline your operations, schedule a consultation.


C-Dart System is a scalable platform technology that can be implemented across a wide variety of marine operations at many scales. Example mooring applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Towing a barge and mooring it to a multi-point mooring spread using a tender and the tow vessel

  • Piloting a vessel with a tender, and mooring it to a single or multi-point mooring spread

  • Mooring a single vessel by towing the dart behind to connect to a single buoy. The vessel can then drift down stream with the weather or tide. Enabling release using only a boat hook with only 2 crew members

  • Towing a barge and then quick releasing it from the tow line once it is moored

  • Attaching a powered vessel onto floating infrastructure, for example rescuing or repositioning a released floating asset Follow these youtube links for different applications and implementations of C-Dart.


Tested at the Fort William Underwater Center: the world's most advanced subsea testing facility

Billed as “the most realistic subsea training and testing facility in the world,” the Underwater Centre at Fort William boasts its own sheltered, multiple-depth seawater dive site, a private pier complex, a 1.5 million litre indoor seawater dive tank and full residential accommodation. Based on the banks of Loch Linnhe, a tidal sea loch at the southern end of Scotland’s Great Glen, and run by a team of highly-skilled and experienced instructors and training staff, the Centre enjoys an enviable reputation for training commercial divers and ROV operators, and as a venue for large-scale sea trials.

What did they think?

John Maclellan, Operations Director Subsea Test and Evaluation Centre shared his initial thoughts:

We liked the concept; we ran multiple tests using different configurations and after testing it we were very impressed!

When asked what he thought the main advantages of the C-Dart System are, John said:

  • Minimum effort to secure a vessel in a safe manner

  • Easily two or even one-man operation

  • No entanglement on mooring riser

  • Simple and easy to deploy using minimal effort

  • Eliminates use of shackles, reducing risk of pinch points

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Are you ready to revolutionise your operations and take a step towards safer, more cost-effective marine operations?

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The development of the C-Dart technology was made possible through the generous funding support provided by Wave Energy Scotland. Blackfish Engineering is deeply grateful for this support provided by the WES pre-commercial procurement programme, which has been instrumental in advancing our innovative solutions for the ocean renewable energy industry. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Wave Energy Scotland for their commitment to fostering innovation in ocean renewable energy.


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