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Our engineering, design and project management services are available from concept stage through to verified solution, and every stage in-between; with specialist experience in test and development, we're a well-equipped partner for a range of client needs. 



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Mechanical Design Engineering

The Blackfish team core skill is mechanical systems design and we make great use of our impressive experience. Our core tool is CAD, using Autodesk Inventor, but we are just as happy using hand calculations, complex spreadsheets, VB and python scripts and of course no creative designers can do without a whiteboard.

The team is considered in high regard when it comes to creating complex CAD models and assemblies - this is what we excel at, and creating a working model followed on by detailed manufacturing and engineering drawings is something we thrive on. We believe that the best drawings are completed by the designer so that the entire design intent can be perfectly communicated to the manufacturer/fabricator.

We use a PDM CAD package that has our robust quality system in-built, and we use this to great effect during the entire product lifecycle.


Structural Engineering and FEA

Structural analysis is an integral part of the design process. We are just as happy undertaking hand calculations as complex Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using ANSYS Mechanical or Autodesk’s NASTRAN.

We have much experience of assessing structures for multiple load cases, including ultimate, accidental, normal operation as well as transport and lifting, which includes linear and non-linear analysis for a variety of engineering materials (steel, alloy, plastic, rubber). Fatigue assessment of structures is also one of our strengths, which require a methodical approach, and a careful eye for detail.

We have worked on numerous complex structures that include detailed bearing modelling techniques, large structures with multiple submodelling techniques, and numerous use of the topology optimisation plug-in to aid with the optimisation.


Systems Engineering

Many of our team started their careers in Rolls-Royce and GE, and as a result have a strong grounding in systems engineering. This ensures that tools such as risk assessment, failure mode effects analysis, fault tree analysis and root cause analyses, requirements and means of compliance management, inspection and test plans, and DfX activities form an integral part of our work.

We also have a strong background in development engineering, providing thorough assessment of requirements and how these requirements can be proven and validated through similarity, design, analysis, inspection and testing.


Engineering Project Management

Many of our team are APMP qualified, and as such we are very capable of managing engineering projects on behalf of our clients. With a track record of product development, we totally understand the process of taking a concept through to a manufactured prototype and beyond, and how best to react to the challenges along the way. We have been instrumental in progressing many projects up the TRL scale and have a good understanding of how to effectively manage risk to provide the best chance of product success.



The Blackfish team have provided numerous turnkey projects as shown in our Case Studies, and we are very comfortable managing a local supply chain to manufacture, assemble and test some of the rigs and prototypes that we have designed.

Our approved supply chain incudes laser profile cutting, bending, general fabrication and machining (steel as well as wood and plastic), painting, assembly, 3D printing, electrical and control.


Assembly and Test - Planning and Support

At Blackfish, we are not consultants that just sit behind a desk. We have real world practical experience gained from varied and frequent site work, which is vital to understanding how work sites really function and therefore how best to achieve the best results whilst being safe. We are ale to prepare all required site documentation in advance including Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Inspection and Test plans, inspection procedures, lift plans, assembly storyboards, engineering change control and non-conformance control.

To date, we have managed a number of site work activities. The most important aspect when managing site work is the safety of our workers and the safety of others. We have a clean H&SE record, and strive to always improve our internal processes to keep our track record in this field. Our existing clients know how important this is to us, which we believe is one of the reason they keep coming back to us.

If you need any assembly and test support, please get in touch.


Due diligence

Senior members of our team have often carried out due diligence services to clients. This can range from high level red-flag assessments to in-depth engineering calculations or even FEA to verify elements of the design or areas that need more attention and investigation. We have carried out a number of work packages that involve due diligence for a numerous clients in the wind, wave and tidal sectors.

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