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Combating Corona; Staying Sane.

This week we have been thinking about ideas about how to stay healthy in these rather challenging times. Most of our team are fairly used to working at home / remotely, so we thought we'd share some tips!

Try one of these next week!

  • Find something you actually WANT to do with your free time – a good book, a TV series, a video game

  • This is a great chance to focus on your fitness. Get fit for the summer however gloomy it looks right now!

  • Learn an instrument! Now is the perfect time to learn that saxophone you’ve been storing under the bed.

  • While you’re getting the sax from under the bed, clear out the rest of the things you’ve been storing under there... If you haven’t read that magazine, bin it! While you’re at it, clear out your wardrobe and chest of drawers as well, you will feel better afterwards!

  • Try something new; learn a new language, a new skill, try a new diet etc. You’ve got a few weeks to test it out and see if it works for you. There are many new cooking shows on TV mainly aimed at making a meal out of anything you have in your cupboard, which is ideal when you should avoid numerous trips to the shops.

  • Comedy shows are great to make you laugh...

  • Do your daily exercise (with the kids), why wouldn’t you want to get outside after you’ve been indoors for so long!

  • Keep a routine, no matter what it is. Get up at the same time etc. Plan to go for a walk on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and you will find that you will start to look forward to the event!

  • Have a regular video chat with your mates or family and work. These make you get up, showered and dressed, at least on the top half! 😊

  • Watch the news a maximum of once a day! Yes, watching the same stuff three of four times a day will not make you feel much better.

  • New this week – west end musicals on Friday.

  • Kids cooking dinner – this could be a make or break if you have kids, and you could end up being hungry but why not try it! Make sure they wash their hands before they start... 😉

  • We’re not going to tell you not to drink alcohol... But try your best to limit the quantity as it’s easy to turn to this when you’re always home. Try to have at least 2 consecutive days off a week as this is essential for your body to recover.

  • Last but not least – make plans and goals for 2021 this can be anything from career to holidays. Something for you to look forward to.


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