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On 29th September fifteen hardy individuals set out on our charity ride for this year. Once again we organised the event in support of Renewable World - a great charity doing work to support the integration of renewables into communities in developing countries.

Unlike last year, the weather was not in our favour and it was truly a day for mudguards and waterproof jackets. We were so pleased to see how many people turned out despite the conditions! The ride itself was a nice steady pace and kept the group together. It was not without a few incidents - a broken chain and a puncture, but when you are riding around with a group of engineers, these were insignificant obstacles!

The cake stop in Backwell was well stocked and a welcome chance to refuel for the remainder of the ride. A quick re-route to avoid the worst of the conditions altered the end of the ride and for some brave (crazy) cyclists the chance to sprint up Naish Hill was a challenge to be relished.

All in all, a great day out with strong camaraderie, raising £1000 for Renewable World and we didn't even get that wet!


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