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Spotlight Session: "Firmly Anchored" at Marine Energy Wales 2024

Join us at Marine Energy Wales 2024 for an insightful session into the bedrock of marine renewable energy: foundation, mooring, and anchor systems. Scheduled for Thursday, 14th March, from 09:30 to 10:30 in the Second Room, this session, chaired by Saul Young of Marine Energy Wales, promises to be a cornerstone event for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Session Overview: Navigating the Depths of Marine Innovation

The "Firmly Anchored" session dives into the critical components that ensure the stability and viability of marine renewable energy devices. As we look towards a future where these technologies play an increasingly pivotal role in our energy landscape, understanding and innovating in foundation, mooring, and anchor systems is more important than ever.

Meet the Panel of Pioneers

  • Michael Hook, Business Development Director at Schottel Marine Technologies

  • Tim Warren, Head of Operations at Blackfish Engineering

  • Nigel Robinson, Offshore Renewables Director at Apollo

  • Elsa Ramirez Santiago, Lead Project Engineer at Leask Marine

Each panelist will share their latest advancements, offering a blend of technical insights and visionary outlooks on how these systems are evolving to meet the demands of tomorrow's renewable energy deployments.

Presentation Highlights

Expect to see a visual feast of innovation with each panelist presenting for 10 minutes on their contributions to the field. From technical overviews to real-sea testing results, these presentations are designed to inform, inspire, and engage.

Interactive Q&A Session

Concluding with a dynamic Q&A session led by Saul Young, attendees are encouraged to participate actively. Questions like "Are gravity-based foundations now a thing of the past?" and discussions on the balance between cost reduction and bespoke anchoring systems promise to make this a thought-provoking dialogue.

Tim Warren will provide a Spotlight on Innovation: C-DART Technology

At the heart of our presentation is the C-DART system, a revolutionary quick connection mooring solution that embodies our commitment to efficiency, safety, and reliability in marine operations.

Transforming Marine Operations

"Our C-DART technology is not just about innovation; it's about redefining how we approach marine operations," Tim explains. With its rapid connection capabilities, no personnel handling requirement, and reliance on fundamental forces like gravity and buoyancy, C-DART sets a new standard for temporary mooring solutions.

Join Us Early

This session is a must-attend for anyone invested in the sustainable future of our oceans. Whether you're a developer, engineer, or marine energy enthusiast, "Firmly Anchored" will provide valuable insights into the foundational technologies that will power our renewable energy future.

At Blackfish we provide innovative engineering designs for a sustainable future; providing our clients with effective solutions for complex problems. We are a renewable energy engineering consultancy serving marine energy and wind clients to bring our specific engineering knowledge and expertise to this rapidly developing sector. We are experts in our field, covering many aspects of renewable energy development working from offices in England, Scotland and Wales. Our vision is to place offshore renewable energy at the heart of the global energy mix. Our hugely successful track record in tidal stream, wave energy, and offshore wind operations enables us to make a difference and help build a cleaner, better future.


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