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Join the Wave of Change: Edinburgh's Innovators Network Event, Nov 15-16

Innovation and Networking Opportunities at Scotland's Wave Energy Conference.

We are on the cusp of an exciting convergence at Blackfish Engineering, where the vast power of the ocean meets the collaborative spirit of human innovation. As we gear up for a significant presence at the esteemed Wave Energy Scotland Annual Conference, we are also thrilled to unveil an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of marine technology even before the conference begins.

A Prelude to Discovery: The Ocean Renewable Network Event

Before the conference officially kicks off, join us for the Ocean Renewables Network event, a prime gathering designed to catalyze partnerships and spark dialogue among the brightest minds in the ocean power, marine energy, and bluetech industries. This premier networking event sets the stage for what's to come, giving entrepreneurs, innovators, and business professionals a chance to mingle in a casual yet vibrant atmosphere. Here, connections are forged in the fires of shared ambition, and the latest advancements in wave energy, tidal power, and offshore wind are not just topics of discussion—they're the blueprints for our collective future.

The Main Voyage: Harnessing the Power of the Ocean at the Conference

As we transition from the informal interactions of the networking event to the grand halls of Edinburgh's National Museum of Scotland, the Wave Energy Scotland Annual Conference beckons. It's more than a meeting of minds; it's a gathering of visionaries poised to chart the unexplored territories of wave energy. As a beacon for professionals in this burgeoning field, the conference promises a unique blend of Scottish heritage with pioneering explorations into the renewable energy sector.

Here’s what awaits participants:

  • Keynote Speeches: Delivered by the trailblazers of the wave energy industry, these talks are not just about envisioning the future; they're about creating it.

  • Interactive Sessions: Dive deep into discussions that matter, debate the research, and strategize on the technological advancements that will define tomorrow's wave energy landscape.

  • Networking Opportunities: Beyond the formal presentations, the real magic happens in the interactions between individuals committed to a sustainable future.

  • Exhibitions: Walk through a showcase of innovations where the latest products and services promise to redefine what's possible in wave energy.

Blackfish Engineering a Leader in Engineering and Innovation

Our participation in these events is a reflection of our core values: innovation, sustainability, and excellence in engineering services. At the conference, we aim to:

  • Gain Insights: By staying abreast of current trends and cutting-edge research, we ensure our services remain at the forefront of the industry.

  • Showcase Expertise: Sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers, we position ourselves as the leading marine energy engineering design firm within the marine energy sector.

  • Forge Partnerships: Collaborations are key, and we're there to build robust relationships with other industry leaders.

  • Enhance Visibility: By increasing our presence, we underscore our commitment to renewable energy solutions and a greener future.

Embark on This Journey with Us

Whether at the Ocean Renewables Network event or the Wave Energy Scotland Annual Conference, your presence is invaluable. Follow our journey as we share updates, provide live coverage, and offer insights into the transformative potential of wave energy.

Let's set sail together into a future where the untapped power of the ocean fuels not just our homes and businesses but also our shared commitment to the planet. Join us in Edinburgh and be a part of the movement driving the wave energy revolution forward. We can't wait to welcome you aboard.

If you're looking for an innovative engineering partner with a global perspective, unparalleled marine expertise, and an unwavering commitment to shaping the future of offshore wind:

At Blackfish we provide innovative engineering designs for a sustainable future; providing our clients with effective solutions for complex problems. We are a renewable energy engineering consultancy serving marine energy and wind clients to bring our specific engineering knowledge and expertise to this rapidly developing sector. We are experts in our field, covering many aspects of renewable energy development working from offices in England, Scotland and Wales. Our vision is to place offshore renewable energy at the heart of the global energy mix. Our hugely successful track record in tidal stream, wave energy, and offshore wind operations enables us to make a difference and help build a cleaner, better future.


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