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Tom Adcock

Senior Design Engineer

Chartered mechanical design engineer with a over 11 years of experience in renewable energy, aerospace, rail and off-highway hybrid vehicles.

Delivered a variety of successful projects using multiple design engineering skills across entire product life cycle.

Creative approach to innovative concept development and evaluation as well as experience capturing intellectual property.

Systematic practice of requirements capture and management with in depth knowledge of design validation and verification methods.

Accomplished in development of hydraulic and electro-mechanical design solutions including commissioning and testing of sub-systems.

Thorough understanding of Design for Manufacture for many different techniques, including machined and sheet steel, welded fabrications, cast aluminium, injection moulding and rapid prototyping.

Proficient in project management, customer engagement and leading a team to deliver a set of demanding deliverables.

Tom Adcock

Project Experience

Corrosion and Biofouling for offshore marine devices

Mocean Blue X1.1 detailed design - structure, PTO, bearings, seals, system integration

Implementation of automated 5-axis optical inspection of nozzle guide vane cooling holes.

500kW tidal turbine – concept, detailed design, manufacture, test, operation & maintenance.

1MW tidal turbine – concept design, detailed design, manufacture, test, operation & maintenance.

1.4MW tidal turbine – concept design, detailed design.

Genie "Z62-40" access platform road rail vehicle - detailed design, manufacture, test, UK rail certification.

Fleet golf Next Gen Axle - concept development, detailed design, test of oil cooled electric motor and integrated gearbox.

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