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Reuben d'Orton-Gibson

Design Engineer

Reuben has 4 years experience of pump design and operation, encompassing the certification of new pump designs, optimising components for weight and stress, innovating new pump coupling designs and undertaking general engineering design and detailing.

In the last 3 years Reuben has been working in the field of new product development for filtration systems. This has required iterative design improvements, prototyping and 3D printing, laboratory testing, and proof of concept testing. As a result Reuben has a great understanding of product development and improving TRLs.

Reuben d'Orton-Gibson

Project Experience

Design, build and test of prototype microplastics filters as a product development programme

Developed novel coupling design for offshore fire protection pump impellers that mitigated galling risk common with previous Super Duplex parts

Project managed an FM/UL approval of a 1MW fire pump from project sign off to testing complete

Created a novel bidirectional load cell assembly to collect live measurements of bearing loads for
reliability study enabling accurate bearing life assessment.

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