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Blackfish have become particularly specialised and experienced in subsea and offshore connections. Specific projects include:

· Yaw clamp for tidal turbines. This is used to attach the turbine to a seabed fixed foundation as well as allow the turbine to yaw into the oncoming tide.

· Stab mechanism and foundation electrical connector termination plate (HV, LV and fibre optic wet mate connectors)

· On turbine electric Crew Transfer Vessel (eCTV) connection system for automated 1000V DC vessel charging (totally hands free)

· A novel hydraulic clamping system concept to attach wind turbine towers to the deck of a jack up barge. This accelerates the process of installing wind turbine towers onto pre-installed foundations by eliminating the use of bolted flanges, reducing the work required to clamp and unclamp from 8 hours to 20 minutes.

· The novel C-DART connection system that enables floating wave and tidal devices to be electrically and mechanically connected to a mooring system, without the use of divers, ROVS, or deck operations. The concept relies on gravity, buoyancy and geometry, which we find are always 100% reliable! There are no mechanisms, actuators, stored energy (batteries or springs) or control system and the system uses locally available workboats with no deck modifications.

Subsea/Offshore Connections

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