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We continue to assist wave clients around the world. Members of our team have been key to the sucess of a number of wave developer projects over the years. We have carried out either part of the design process, or the full scope of works from concept design to details design, to manage production, and managing the build. We have also provided specialist hardware to some wave developers in complete turnkey contracts. We prefer to be involved though the full process as it saves the client money at the end of the day. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of the wave environment places us in prime position to ensure any project we get involved will have the best chance of sucess.

Drawing on our extensive ocean energy insight, we have provided industry leaders with innovative solutions to their unique challenge of harnessing power from the waves. Our influence in the wave sector is far reaching: providing engineering solutions to device developers, working as expert assessors for major industry funding bodies, and developing our own innovative technologies to reduce operational costs of wave energy. Familiar with a wide variety of wave device types, from floating to fixed bottom, point absorbers to attenuators, Blackfish have supported many leading wave device developers. Our services have ranged from concept development, to sub-system design, and even full system design, assembly and commissioning.

We have also worked with Wave Energy Scotland across multiple projects as both assessors and technology developers, the latter showcasing our innovative approach to problem solving and high level of engineering capability.

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