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The tidal industry is where the founders of Blackfish originated from. We have worked with nearly all the major tidal developers, assisting with either concept studies, design improvements including detailed structural assessments, or designing test rigs to support the client's test programme. The team has demonstrated again and again that they can integrate seamlessly with the clients' engineers, and provide the additional capacity they need to not only expedite their program, but to improve the end product so that the important metrics of efficiency, reliability and availability is increased.

Blackfish is founded on engineering excellence in the tidal energy sector. Our directors and senior engineers have decades of combined experience in the development and operation of tidal stream turbines. Since our formation in 2016 we have leveraged this extensive experience of tidal stream energy conversion to push the industry forward. We have provided guidance and innovative design solutions to industry leading technology developers, constantly striving to reduce the levelized cost of tidal energy.

Our experience of full lifecycle design, assembly, operation and decommissioning has included Tidal Generation Ltd / Alstom Power tidal stream turbines with 1.2 GWh generated power across 3 turbines, Marine Current Turbines (SeaFlow and SeaGen), and the Atlantis AR1500.
We also have extensive experience in sub-system design, including blade pitch control, main power take off, clamping, electrical connectors, sealing, hydraulics, instrumentation and control.

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