Offshore Wind

The scale and potential of offshore wind globally is huge, especially floating platforms as they can be located further afield. We have written numerous blogs on topics such as the world energy, and looking closer at the UK market; how hydrogen combined with offshore wind could help with the transition from fossil fuels; and how the risk of floating wind must be mitigated by early adoption of local supply chain, so that a circular economy is created that can grow inline with the demand of the industry.

Through our comprehensive portfolio of tidal and wave projects, Blackfish has amassed a wealth of skills and expertise from tidal and wave that are directly transferable to the offshore wind sector. Our experience is particularly applicable to providing innovative solutions to the construction and deployment phases as well as the operation & maintenance challenges. To date, we have developed solutions that reduce cost, increase reliability and availability for numerous clients in the fields of fatigue life assessment, subsea connections, corrosion and biofouling, support equipment design and technical due diligence.

We are currently involved in several exciting projects in the field of offshore vessel charging. As pressure on reducing carbon emissions increases, vessels are becoming increasingly electrified. Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) and Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) will need to re-charge batteries on site and our innovative and practical solutions are creating much excitement in the industry.

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