Development and Test

The team has carried out a number of test rig design and build for clients around the globe. Every project is different, and this is what makes it interesting for us. Although we don't manufacture ourselves, we have found a reliable network of supply chain that we can rely on to provide the flexibility we need to carry out turnkey projects with ease. No project is too large for us.

As well as pure design work, Blackfish also provide Design and Make services for test rigs, support equipment and prototypes. Our team of engineers has a huge range of practical skills and experience, that are often demonstrated by manufacturing, assembling and testing the test rigs ourselves.

We have a wide network of local and national suppliers that we know and trust, who can provide steelwork fabrication and machining, coating and painting, plastic parts, pumps and motors, hydraulics, and electrical power and automation. We can also provide CE marking for test rigs if required.

Some examples of successful test rig projects include:
• Aviation fuel cell test bed for tilt and roll tests build and supply
• Wave tank lifting platform build and supply
• Fatigue strain crack test rig build and supply
• Propellor torque and thrust measurement rig

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