Tim Twibell

Principal Design Engineer

16 year experience as a Mechanical Engineer in tidal energy. Worked many of the first full scale tidal devices ranging from conceptual design work all the way through to operation and maintenance. Worked for Marine Current turbines, Siemens and Atlantis, among others.

Good practical knowledge of the design process. Capable and experienced in generating novel conceptual designs and taking them through the complete design process to deliver as tested components for deployment.

Participated in and managed many small scale marine operations, providing a good understanding of the considerations required for marine operations.

Tim Twibell

Project Experience

SeaFlow – Operation and maintenance.

SeaGen – Design of Levelling system and Powertrain components. Assembly, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Pulse tidal – Design, performance modelling.

Tidal generation – Simulink model of the platform motors with multiple rotor models.

SeaGen Mk2 – Design of lifting system, Lead engineer, Head a mechanical systems.

AR1500 CMS – Design, test, deliver novel subsea connection management system.

AR1500 Pitch system - Design, test, delivered novel pitch system.

STEP - Concept design for breeder blanket on nuclear fusion reactor.

C-Dart mooring connector design